It happened again.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by theladthatlovedyou, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. This time with a different girl.

    I decided the one from highschool was a lost cause, realized she never loved me and doesn't now. But I couldn't bring myself to actually kill myself, so I tried that whole being positive thing for a few days until I met a girl in one of my classes. And she's just great, after three weeks she stayed over- making it twice last weekend. And then today she drops me, says she "wants to be friends and didn't want to give the wrong impression".

    That's the 6th fucking time. 6 girls, all of them dumped me. Every one. Somebody just tell me what is the point? I'm right back to where I started, miserable and alone, before I met her.

    Somebody please just tell me anything. Maybe something happy.
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    Maybe you misunderstanding women, my advice: you should take a break from women. Don't hurry situations that are bound to happen, will happen. Of course you've got to act, but don't get hyped if it doesn't happen or if it takes long.
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    Don't give up on love and life. I've never been in a relationship personally, but I've helped numerous others with much worse problems than dumping. First, the fact that you were able to attract six girls in the first place is a huge accomplishment. Whatever you are doing, it works. The problems would arise from them getting a look at your more personal side, which puts them at fault, not you. If they can't love you for who you really are, they aren't worth a second thought. Breaking up is painful, but it's(not to offend anyone) more chemical than emotional. From your posts, it doesn't seem like you've known these girls for large amounts of time, which means the chemicals in your body are at their highest production, making you feel the need to be with them. I don't pretend to understand love, or even believe in it, so I can't preach on that; what I do know and understand is chemical biology. These loves, because of their short periods, are based more on the mind. Chemicals are released based on scent and sight that make you attracted to someone in the first place(mostly based on estrogen, which makeup can hide, literally fooling the mind into thinking someone is more beneficial to you than they actually are). You may very well have come together because of other reasons, but the chemicals are what make it so difficult to separate. The body fabricates your urge to be near to, and accepted by a person because your mind subconsciously has chosen you a potential mate. I can explain further, but it would take a long time, and I'm sure no one wants to hear it. The point is, breaking up hurts because of your chemical imbalance, you feel as if something has been removed from you. The feelings will pass, but you have to let them. Your chemicals will balance, but it's your mental state that hangs on. Just let it go, you'll feel much better. Don't change who you are either, you obviously have attractive qualities, you just need to find a girl that can handle a deeper relationship than what impulse tells them.
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