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It Has Hit Very Close To Home




A few days ago, a mothers cry went to the local police department as her 16 year old boy went missing. Then word came thru the local news that the boy was found.

Then the rest of the story came out, that he ended his life in his parents basement.

This boy was beloved in the local high school and was a friend of my daughters.

The school is in terrible mourning at the moment. Counselors are gathering and the wake will probably have to be a closed casket.

My pain with this is for my daughter and of course the boy's parents. I grieve for them so, especially knowing how my own thoughts and actions in recent years have been with regards to suicide.

This is such a trajedy. My other fear is the potential for copycats.

I never knew you DJ, but my daughter did, and so did a lot of others. You seemed to be a good kid and the hole you have left in our hearts will never be filled. May you find the rest and peace that you so needed.


Not well. She didnt eat last night. She has a very angry attitude atm..but she is holding her own.

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