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It hurts SO much :'(

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by AC21</3, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. AC21</3

    AC21</3 Member

    What am I supposed to do? The love of my life chose to completely shut me out of her life and I'm falling apart way to quick :'( HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  2. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    There is a reason why she did so, right? Maybe u cud try talking to her about it, even if she might block ur attempts to do so right now. Maybe she's confused/scared of talking to u?

    Maybe u cud explain it a little more in detail? That way people here would kno a little more exaclty how to reply to u.

    I kno it can be really hard when a relationship doesn't work that well though, so hang in there.

    Best wishes from EijiSama~
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    Try to find out what happened to make her act that way. Is she not talking to you at all? If she is, try to talk to her about the situation. If not, wait until she calms down a bit and try talking to her then. Hopefully you will be able to figure out what's going on with her.
  4. AC21</3

    AC21</3 Member

    She's blocked me for good. she changed her number and wont tell me why. she blocked me on facebook and she deleted her email. the only way i see her now is through work and i dont want to make a scene with all the other co-workers. i made a new facebook yesterday to contact her but she still hasnt replied to anything that i sent to her. i know it was easter yesterday but i also just sent another message like 30 mins ago. and i know she constantly checks her phone so its not like she cant get it bc her facebook is still active.

    i met her back in jan 2011 as classmates and something about her drew me towards her more and more and by may we were practically dating also but she was still in a relationship with her exboyfriend. and then we they finally broke up we got together as a couple for almost 2 months. those were literally the happiest 2 months of my life that i ever experieced :'( and for me to type this now hurts so much bc i want those memories between us to happen again so badly. but then she broke up with me to go back to that douchebag asshole and he just used her for sex. we have been so called best friends with benefits ever since then and we were a couple again for like a week in august but it hurts. i've been in love with her since the very beginning and for her to meet new guys and go on dates with them was torture for me bc then i felt like she was cheating on me. i'll admit that i am a jealous person when it comes to her but she is just too beautiful. its idk but i just feel like my life has no meaning without her. i put her as my number one priority and the love of my life, she came before my education and my own family and now shes just shut me out completely and i dont know what to do. i want to end life so badly. it just hurts so much and she cant even bother to call me from a blocked number. she told me that she would always be there for me. this is just too painful for me. please help me.
  5. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I know it's hard to say to forget about her, because that can be very difficult to do. If she is treating you this way, do you really want to continue worrying about her? It sounds like she is using you and treating you badly, and you don't deserve that at all. You deserve to have someone who cares about you as much as you care about them.
  6. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    There is no way I can sugar coat this, she's using you.

    Friends with benefits...yeah and all the benefits were on her side.

    Unless you've done something unforgiveable, then she is cutting off contact because she's either, found someone new, or doesnt need you anymore. :sad:

    As awful as this feels at the moment, it's better to know now than it go on for months and sucked you in even more.

    Get your friends round.
    Get drunk.
    Talk and talk till you've talked yourself out.
    Have a bloody good cry and then put her away, any photos, keepsakes, into a box out of sight.

    There will be someone out there who won't use you in this callous way, I hope you find her soon. :hug:
  7. AC21</3

    AC21</3 Member

    honestly i think that i'm going on hope with whats left with me. i still cry every day when i'm alone like right now as i sit in my bedrm alone. it hurts so much. i'm hoping that she will come back to me in the end. i'm willing to take it now and hoping whether or not god even listens to me if there is even god that he will one day lead her back to me. i gave her my word that she would be the only one for me. and that after her there would be no other love in my life. and when i give my word i mean it. but i know i dont deserve the way that she is treating me bc i have done nothing wrong at all. she told me for the longest time that she's trying for us and to change things to make it better. but how can she go and do this to me? i think its because of the fact that she makes me happy when i'm with her. all other things i dont have to worry about were gone when she was with me....and i dont think that she was using me. it may feel tht way however i knew there were moments when she truly loved me. i dont understand how she can just change overnight. its like a whole new her and for her to not tell me hurts like no other. we used to tell each other everything with hours upon end. its literally been 5 days since i exchanged any words with her and i feel so alone and empty....and personally i dont drink. im only 20 but even if i did. there's this hypocrite thing that goes on between me and her. and if she does come back to me later on down the road, and she asked me what happened while she was gone, i dont want to say that i got drunk....how long is this supposed to last? the pain i mean? bc this makes the day linger on slower and slower and slower and i cant stay focus and i'm beginning to drive recklessly and my job is now in jeopardy bc of her too... :'(
  8. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    Fuh-get abat' it. There are plenty of women in the world and you're stuck grieving the only one who wants to be treated poorly and to bed-hop between men who don't care about her. So as a matter of fact, since she dumped you, she did you a favor. Take some time out, leave her alone; this time can actually help you to get your mind clear to reflect on what poor quality this relationship really was in hindsight. She wants her space and is obviously upset with you, so leave it alone. When she's ready to talk to you about it, she'll contact you first. Don't try to figure out anything by bothering her even more. She doesn't want to talk to you. She doesn't want to talk to you!

    Give her that space and in the meantime, try to keep yourself occupied with things that improve your life that you enjoy. When she's ready to talk, she'll spill the beans and that won't be long. If you force an unwanted confrontation, it will turn into a conflict because you aren't respecting her space. Leave her alone. Stop calling. Stop texting. Just STOP and let her breathe. Maybe that will give her time to remember that you aren't in her life anymore and that she owes you an explanation. Just chill. If you don't hear from her in a month, call it quits and make it official. Hopefully you'll be finished bawling your eyes out over it by then before you're onto the next one. They come and go.
  9. AC21</3

    AC21</3 Member

    @ Prinnctopher's Belt -- for the first part i cant call or text bc she changed her number alrdy and i dont have the new number. and we work together. even though i have been suspended until further notice anyways but we also go to school together. and everyday when i get there and see her car, it sucks a lot and i feel like when i see anything about her or that is hers i feel like there is an emotional breakdown that is about to occur....and yes i have been trying to give her space to the best of my abilities but its not that simple. i go home and anything you can possibly think of i'm able to compare it to her or a memory or something between us and that doesnt make things easier and then all i do is just think about her and start to cry. and honestly yes she may like "dick" more than "pussy" but i still care about her enough to appreciate it if you could not make her into a ***** or something by saying she likes to bed-hop with men who dont care about her which is true though. not the bed-hop thing but she gets involved with other people who care nothing about her except she has a smokin hot body....and i dont mean it that i'm not taking your advice or anything but everyone tells me the same thing that i should just move on. i mean if people were in the same predicament that i was in i'm sure they'd understand and find that she is worth everything the world has to offer. or at least in my eyes she is....she is my beautiful sunshine and so much more. i honestly wish that there was a hidden camera so that she can see how much pain she is putting me through and come back to me :'( i still think about her every moment whether i'm awake or asleep bc then i just dream about her too...
  10. sadguy33

    sadguy33 Banned Member

    Please don't try and trip on this one girl because if she is pulling this garbage she isn't worth it. I've had girls pull this with me all through highschool. Don't fall for the BS instead think about her like that guy who is banging her is thinking of her. He obviously doesn't care about her and with good reason. Its about time that you did the same you shouldn't worry about her emotions because she obviously doesn't care about her own. There will be other girls and most of them act that way so you got to dump them quick when you find them. Try and find one that cares about you but don't get too emotional act like she doesn't matter and she'll like you even more.
  11. AC21</3

    AC21</3 Member

    Since this whole thing started i think that we have had 1 face-to-face confrontation or talk about it and she said that we might get lunch together sometime this week. well this happened this past friday. and we also had a chat on gmail chat for like 5 mins but that didnt go to well this weekend and then she messaged me back on a fake facebook profile that i made but that one didnt go to well either. all she told me was that i havent changed and i still assume things about her. but if she doesnt let me into her life dont i have the right to assume? (to me they're more like opinions or thoughts until proven true or not)...and apparently she didnt delete her email (gmail) so idk. i feel like she leads me on. with dropping hints and stuff. and honestly i would love nothing more than to go back to her or for her to come back to me rather. so i should have hope. its just hard...i mean i've gotten better since where i was 10 days ago. now i'm able to not cry as much as i was then but it still gets to me with tears here and there and the thoughts about her havent stopped but....honestly @sadguy33 since you're a guy i believe that girls do go for the "bad-ass" guys bc in my situation so does she but do they really "want" you more when you don't seem to care?