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  1. Kichain

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    I honestly thought that ODing wouldn't hurt, but I was so wrong.

    It was actually pretty recently that I did this (December 31st 2010 I believe, I rung in 2010 in the hospital), I was very sad, no one was home and there was a bottle of <mod edit: *useless* : methods> sitting on the stove. Usually I express myself in violent ways, (I took a hammer it my lap top and battery and cut both ends of the AC Adapter.) so I am not surprised that I did it.

    I'm not sure whether to say it's fortunate or unfortunate, but I will probably never OD again.

    When I got to the hospital I was rushed to the ER, I had taken 20+ pills. The main concern was my liver, thankfully, there wasn't any harm.

    The gave me some charcoal shit and I spent the last nine hours throwing up in a room when the kid next to me was saying, 'Ow...ow...' I have sympathy for the kid, after all, he had no choice to go through pain, but I did.

    It's short but I just wanted to share my experience with members of SF, just to say that it's not worth it, and you DO get better, even if you still have tough times now it doesn't mean that they won't end. Look at me, I spent 7 years knowing something wasn't right but now finally I am getting help, despite how I am feeling right now which is very stressed.

    I hope that I can be part of this community and encourage others to get help even though I am very young.
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  2. Vagrant

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    Hi kichain;
    Good to see you still alive my friend,
    I was in the same situation of you i did an attempts by OD and the next morning i was sick like a fucking b*tch, my stomach were hurting me like shit, throwing pills up for hours, shaking for days, and suff.
    But i never went to the hospital so i don't know if i hurted my liver OR other organs well.
    Take care of yourself.
    (Just edit your post there is a methods. it's just for the respect of others people out there, thank you.)
  3. Kichain

    Kichain Member

    I'm sorry, I'll be more careful next time. :]
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