It is 3:52am and im ready!!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Painttheskyred, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Painttheskyred

    Painttheskyred Well-Known Member

    Im gunna try now by all. Thannks to eveyone who tryed 2 help me.
  2. feelmypain

    feelmypain Well-Known Member

  3. feelmypain

    feelmypain Well-Known Member

    come back ON
  4. feelmypain

    feelmypain Well-Known Member

    I AM WORRYINg just come back and think this through atleast
  5. chasing_dreams

    chasing_dreams Well-Known Member

    please don't do anything. only started to get to know you the other night and it would be really good to talk to you more.

    please stay safe and PM me any time if you need anything :hug:
  6. feelmypain

    feelmypain Well-Known Member

    sorry for what happen man....i am speechless

    stay strong, sorry again, you have my sympathy
  7. GhostOfYou

    GhostOfYou Well-Known Member

    Please don't kill yourself, you may not be able to see a bright future but if you're not around to see how great it can get, how will you ever know?
    Things change, you never know what life could be like in so short time from now.
    Please reconciter. You have so much to live for. So many people around you don't want to see you go like this now or ever...I know I'd miss you, and I don't even know you. I just know you're a great person and you have a lot to offer to this world and I don't want you to give that up.
    We're all here for you, alright? Please take care of yourself.

  8. blade

    blade Well-Known Member

    please dont do that. i know sometimes i go through that too i say im gonna kill myself but i dont . i meditate and listen to music and doother stuff if nowt even cut to make my self better. pelase dont do that, even i dont know u but still dont.
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