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    You know it is funny how in times of tragedy I do nothing to avoid stuff that will make me more depressed.

    For instance, I have been drinking and watching a harem anime. The drinking part is ok in my book, but the harem anime is causing me trouble. Why I watch these things, I will never know. I think a part of me just wishes that I could be in that situation. Surrounded by hot women who would all let me bone them at the drop of the hate. Fuck I could even live without the love part.

    After what is better than having six or seven women wanting to mount you? Maybe it is my sexual frustration, but if I could have six or seven women trying to screw or screweing me all the time I am pretty sure I would not be depressed. After all that is all I can think about, getting laid.

    I guess it is because my source of sex has dried up. She found someone who will actually make me happy. I guess I was a good life raft until she got picked up by a ship. The problem is that I am too much of a loser to ever get that kind of thing again. I mean I cannot even make nice enough with people on forums to make them actually want to stick around for more than one or two messages. I guess that goes with the ground of being socially fucked up.

    I guess I just need to accept that I am too much of a wuss to kill myself. AS well as too much of a wuss to try and get what I want. I am just a wuss I can just be a perpetual stepping stone for everyone. Well stepping stone or life raft or anything like that. That is all I am good for. I am told, by this forum among other places, I am here for a reason. I now know that reason, that reason is to be used by others. Used for whatever purpose they have. And I am glad to suffer through this life if it means that people who can function in society can get ahead.