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It is getting uncontrolable!!!

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My life is spiraling out of control. I am always feel like crap.
I am planning the day to come. It is upon me and is ready to go. Life is getting dark and closing in on me from all sides. Life is slowly being sucked out of me day after day. The beginning of the end is near.


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Is there no way you can start over a fresh? Can't you just get away somewhere and get your thoughts? I'm a hypocrit as i'de be way too scared to go AWOL but if your life's going mad you might just need to stick your fingers up at it all and take a break.
Maybe you should talk about it more. Why's everything gone bad/been going bad?


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Yes, describes exactly how I feel.I try to shake it but it's just too much for me to lose everything in a blink of an eye.How can I pick up the pieces?Death for me seems like the best option.I spend all my time researching methods.I never thought I'd end up on a suicide board.
hiya deathwalking,

being here at the board is reaching out. Somwhere were no one will judge you, and people just listen.
i understand about researching methods, thats what first led me here.

i didnt find the answers i was looking for at that time, but i did find the support i needed to try and carry on,,,
i hope you do to.

if you ever wanna chat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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