It is impossible for a coward to be depressed or suicidal

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  1. agwoodliffe

    agwoodliffe Well-Known Member

    The biggest myth in the mental health world is that depression and suicide is an act of cowardice.
    Anyone who says this clearly hasn't given any thought to what they are saying.

    A coward is a person who is unable to take responsibility for their actions (or blame themselves). They would sooner allow a whole group of people to get hurt before they do.

    Suicidal people are the complete opposite of this. They don't care about themselves, but still care about other people in their life (even if they don't think they do). They believe society would be better off without them, so they face death, which is the hardest thing a person could ever prepare themselves for (think its easy to choose death? Then you have a lot to learn).

    A coward could never go down this route. Why? Because it's painful!

    They are not cowards: they think what they're doing is right -> the problem is, their head is in the wrong place, so they believe in the wrong goal.
    It's as simple as that.
  2. VLSI

    VLSI Member


    Well said
  3. Sasha208

    Sasha208 Member

    I agree. In my profession, I have responded to dozens of suicide scenes. I always thought of them as courageous and wish I had the same courage.
  4. AnotherChristian

    AnotherChristian Active Member

    I agree that's a myth, but that doesn't mean that "It is impossible for a coward to be depressed or suicidal" as it says in the thread title.

    Neither generalization makes more sense than the other.
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  5. Purple_Thorn

    Purple_Thorn Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for putting it into words.
  6. Ginger Cuesta

    Ginger Cuesta Active Member

    Thank you... :)
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