it is just not fair.

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    it is just not easy enough. and it is not fair to have a heart that is bigger than you can handle. than others can deal with.

    how do you have hope, love, wonder, curiosity, longing and yet. . . . continue to fall short of EVERYONE'S mark. . .as if - well. . . .. as if you never measure up.

    never have figured out the point to it all. but just keep going. keep giving. sweating. striving. hoping??

    i know it is the journey that counts. NOT the destination. ok. well, my journey hurts. so. not sure i want to see the destination.

    i have ''miles to go before i sleep" - people who depend on me and i cannot let them down. i have to slog through it and well. yes. that's all. to 'slog'. ..(did shakespeare ever write about slog? surely not, but, he should've. i'm not the only slogger on the planet.)
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    Use this site whenever you feel you are falling short, come and talk and talk and talk some more until you get some kind of relief. Maybe try to find a therapist that you can talk to or a support group :hug: I hope you are able to find some kind of relief soon... pm me if you ever need to talk :)
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    I personally think you do a very good job at making others here on the forum comfortable, and you make them stop and think!! As long as they get just a little spark from what you have said to them then there is always hope!!
    I for one appreciate the help that you give to others even though you are in bad shape yourself!! I'm glad that your children keep you going even though they live with there dad. There is nothing like a mothers love and I know eventually you all will be to gether again!! Live for the moment and let the future sort it's own self out!!! Take care!!Your Friend!!~Joseph~