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I am very numb right now. I am in deep despair and am confused. i moved back home to my parents house. I am paying rent on my apartment until it is rented to someone else. I have literally no money in the bank. My parents say they will help me financially, but don't. I work at a garden store on the weekends just to scrape up some cash to save. I am in serious debt with university and can't pay my credit card bill ( I have no money so I put everything on credit, not a good thing).

I just don't know what to do. Everyone seems angry with me for one reason or another. My parents seem annoyed I moved back in.

My mental state is good some days and bad on other days. I feel an emptiness inside of me, that will never be filled. I just don't know what to do anymore about my life. I have backed myself into a corner and will never be able to get out.

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well i must not be able to know how you´re feeling but i want you that i´m here for you, and that everything WILL have a solution eventualy. i know you must be tired of waiting, and tired of all the tihngs that aren´t going well, but at least you can talk to me and we can figure a solution together . take care


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You will be able to get out, it just seems overwhelming at the moment.
What u need here is damage limitation. go see your bursar at uni and try to find a way to pay of the debt in a manner that u can handle.
Same with the credit card company. Most will accept some kind of payment (i.e interest only), you're not the only one to get in to this kind of difficulty.
If you have a citizens advice bureau, go see them they will help you with contacting the credit card company.
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