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  1. I'm a murderer. :cry:
  2. I'm pretty sure i know who this is. Not the first time you've used that name. All i can say is ......... i hope your getting what you want from all this ...... all this pain and hurt people are going through because they care for you.

    I'm gonna do you a favor. Trust me. It's one you might like and will probably be greatfull for.
  3. You don't know what I want. All I want is for people to be happy and for me to stop hurting them. I never asked for people to be so close to me, I never asked for people to care for me.

    All I want is that the ones I care for (and everyone else as well) to be happy. And obviously I can't be part of that, because I only destroy things.

    Don't expect me back on this website. I'm done destroying people when all I want is happiness for them.
  4. The look at your behavior. Pick up and play with people when you feel like it. Is that giving them happiness? What your gonna do is that gonna cause them happiness? No one asks to care or be cared for. It's something that just happens. Look around you. How many people are happy when your like this? how many people are happy when you go self destructive? Then how many people are happy to know your still alive. To hear your voice. To see your doing somewhat better. How many people are happy when having a laugh with you? You want us to be happy. Then ask what makes us happy because obviously you have no idea.
  5. so you accuse me of playing with people here?
    You're not the first to say so, in fact you're the 3rd person in 2 days saying that I play with people, that I fuck with people's minds, that I"m manipulative. I guess that's the way my behaviour comes across then.
    Thing is I'd NEVER want to play with people's feelings the way I apparently have been doing.

    I guess I better leave this website then, as I really do not want to cause any more harm than I obviously already have done.
  6. Well i feel that i have been used. I told you this on msn and i told you that i didn't want to get into it because it would only upset people including myself. I don't give a shit what other people think. Thats my opinion. If you wanna know the reasons for that then take it up with me in private when i feel like talking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.