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It is time for MED roulette

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Heya, I'm not really sure what your post means, but I hope you're staying safe. Why is it time for med roulette? Did something happen that has upset you today?

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Then you call somone that can help you call your doctor you go to hospital and get some help You reach out to those supports you know are there okay You need them now so you reach out and get help you deserve


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Thank you so much.....
There is something mentally/chemically messed up.
My frieds kind of had an intervention on me. With the PTSD I am losing so much time.
I am going to have to find a hospital that can get me medication free and start from scratch.
Some friends think I am manic/depressive.
I have a lot of sexual trauma---eating disorders----anxiety---depression/suicidal---diabetic----recovering alcoholic/addict 14 years. I don't know where to start looking for help. Any ideas in USA.
I am alive but confused on what I need.
I can't go local because I have worked at most of the hospitals here.
Thanks for the support

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Unfortunately i do not live in the US but there are schools universities that will give councilling for a very low rate Graduating psych students in their last years leen to help people. The church have ministers with councilling degrees someone could help you there . Call your local township and ask what groups are free in your area some do have group sessions for no fees. I hope others from US can help you Pm Sadeyes as live in US will know more perhaps as well I hope this is some solutions you can look at
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