it just hurts

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    Every where I go I feel rejected I feel like I have a barrier around me that tells people to stay away from me and it seems that it can even be felt through hurts...

    I try each day to put on foot in front of the other to keep going but somedays are so much harder than others but it's sux even more because I've been told since I was a teenager to reach out when I feel this way, but I have learnt that you just can not especially since the last 6 months I was on the up but now I'm just straight back down so I feel I can not disappoint those working with me by letting them know how bad its been and also I no longer trust them they either have to tell somebody else or they take action and take my freedom away it's not really that they care either they just follow procedure to protect their it makes it even more frustrating because I don't really understand why they would try stop it from being done

    So I am stuck and have nowhere else to turn anymore and knowing that hurts as well because it means I have no one in my life who cares about me in any way.

    I don't know what's so wrong with me that I get rejected everywhere I go I wish I knew how to fix it, it's a lonley existence on your own
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    Just saw this thread. I have heard you. Sending you hugs. ((hugs))
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    Na-Taya, You will not be rejected here, I think you probably have found that out already! It does hurt to be rejected, I am sorry that you have felt it, Most in here have felt it, some in here still feel it outside of here, don't worry, in here, I don't believe you will ever feel it! You are safe, you have people in here that care, You have found a place where you are welcome! I hope you can find some peace in here as well!