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    I have been doing great with my depression. I have been working out and over all i have had a positive or neutral self image on most days. I recently started flirting with a girl and we hung out a couple times. idk this seems stupid to even bring up but for some reason it bugs me. she cancelled once to prep for a trip okay whatever she needs to prep. she came back and then cancelled again. (note i am not a creeper or stalker i do not send her texts every 5 mins lol )so After that I knew i was done. and i was fine with that. cool i met a really nice girl I tried i flirted and nothing came of it. I was fine with that. I just saw her with another guy and for some reason I was hurt by this? I have no idea why. I dont really feel anything towards her. I dont feel rejected its just like deception? but even then we didnt have anything going on. why am I hurt by this? I do not know and this is really annoying to feel this way for no reason that I can think of or want to admit to myself. I tend to fall quickly for girls but I didnt this time, i had no expectations, i chalked it up to whatever happens happens.
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    I am glad your image is better lately. I would very likely feel the same way as you in the same situation, as would most - it is not the idea of true deep seated feelings, just a simple "why not me", at least that would be my thoughts. Keep the better attitude you have been having and a better more suitable will happen along - I hope you can see past her short sightedness and not let it have a real negative effect on what has been a relatively good period by the sounds of it.

    Take Care

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