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it might be tonight

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they're both here. she's written such awful, hateful things about me. She's been lying about what she will do in the divorce but she doesn't know I know because I found out by hacking her computer

i wasn't even looking for that though. i wanted to know why her friend needed to borrow some antidepressants i'm not on anymore

it's just so painful i'm unlovable unemployable unfriendable no one cares

my life is dull and pathetic and so am i and i should end it to save myself more crushing diappointment in myself


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no one is unloveable unless they want to be...no one is unemployable (medical conditions excluded)...so few jobs around and too many peeps looking for them. you cant be unfriendable as you got married...and now someone wants meds.....i suspect that maybe your depression or whatever is clouding how u see things...are you on meds...have you seen a doc...please dont give up at the first hurdle, all of us here are going through a battle of some sort...for our own reasons, but please dont put yourself down...post more if you feel up to it..but please dont give in :hugtackles:


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Yes i'm on meds. The maximum dosage on two antidepressants.

I lost my last job because of my severe ADD, and I am also physically disabled. My field is a very small group of businesses and I'm blacklisted. The ADD seems to be untreatable. I was on meds for it when was fired. Now I can't take that med anymore because it suppresses appetite and I don't eat.

I've made dozens of applications and only gotten one interview, and that was because government agencies are required by law to give preference to disabled veterans. But it turns out I can't physically do that job anyway.

i'm out of steam and can't really do my job search in earnest because I am too depressed, but I'm sure the unemployment office won't care and they'll just cut me off anyway

I couldn't kill myself when my son was awake and now that he's in bed I'm not in as much of a panic


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Well, just as a side note, there isn't really a "maximum dosage" for medications. I've exceeded the maximum recommended dosage on Zyprexa, for example.

More importantly, it's good that you're not in such a panic anymore, very good. Now, you've mentioned a whole list of problems that you think are unsolvable. Let me make sure I have them straight.

You say that, during your last interview, you realized you weren't physically capable of doing the job. You also mentioned the predicament of being a disabled veteran. I'm going to assume you are a disabled veteran, then. (my hats off to you, for what it's worth) That being the case, how severe is your injury? Where is it located? Why would it prevent you from doing the job?

Further, you believe your ADD is preventing you from holding down a job, and all treatments for it so far have failed. I know little about ADD, only that it's often treated with medication. Is it reasonable to assume you've tried virtually every type of medication there is, without result?

Lastly, you're feeling terribly discouraged because you can't find work. Also, you believe the unemployment office will "cut you off". Why do you think that?

With all of that said, yes, it does seem you are in quite a predicament. But I would really like to know more so you can get the help you need. Most importantly, and this is what really matters, what is making you hurt so much that you want to kill yourself? Is it being unable to find employment, or something else?
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