It never ends.

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    Lately i find myself wondering if everyone i know secretly hates me. i feel like it. and the fact that pretty much no one wants to talk to me anymore really helps my attitude. personally, i feel like a disgusting ogre. im not quite sure what ive done but i mustve done somethin. i cant go out in public anymore. i used to be such a social person and now i see people i used to associate myself with and i cant help but to be negative. i hate everyone and everything anymore. i even played a gig the other night at it went great. why cant i think of the positive things going on in my life, and i ALWAYS focus on the negative? i mean i try but then i laugh at the optimisim and go right back to my dark, dank hole. nothing really seems to make me happy anymore. even doing drugs with my friends isnt fun anymore... i should quit. really should. i feel like moving to an island by my lonesome and just hope to be forgot about. the terrible part is i know theres a couple family members that do truly care for me, and im sure theres more. im such a selfish fuck. always have been i guess. i just feel hopeless i guess. im getting sick of carrying on through the days. doesnt seem worth it to me anymore