it never rains but poors

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    I've got a lot of emotions going thro me at the mo. Last nite was a really good nite - was out with my mates at the pub. I saw an old friend from school that i havent seen propely for 4 years and we're gona meet up soon, which im really looking forward to. It stirred alot of feelings and questions that i wish were already answered, but i'll talk about that in another post sometime.

    Right now im feeling pisssed off. Im not suicidal or majorly depressed, just annoyed. I'm a student in a ton of debt. Last summer i got a temp job at a well-known supermarket in the UK. They ended the temp contracts a few weeks early, which pissed me off alot at the time.

    In July I managed to get another temp job with them for this summer. I was contracted until 8th september, which was good because i worked out it was enought to pay off my overdraft. I knew that there was a strong possibilty that they would end the contract around the august bank hol. But last week one of the managers asked me if i could stay on an extra week. I took this to mean i would def be staying until sept. But he also said that the overtime that i had jus done wouldnt be paid for, it would be given to me as holiday.

    But tonite i went into work to find out that they wanted me to leave by next thursday. They did it again and ended the contracts early - something to do with how much they budget for staffing - even tho they are a billion pound multinational company!!!! The manager - claire - that had to tell me was almost in tears because she had never had to do that before, i felt really sorry for her. They wanted me to work up til next week, but they owe me nearly 30 hours! Claire said that she would understand if i jus said 'sod it' and went home, so that is what i did, i walked out.

    Im jus really pissed off at the way i have been treated. I have worked really hard for them over the past few weeks. And then i get told that i wont be paid for the overtime that i did and then they cancel my contract early after a manager asks me to work an extra week! Grrr. Jus a moan i guess.

    It jus means that i cant pay my overdraft off. It sucks. I can hardly afford anything. I cant afford to go out with my friends as well as buy things like clothes, or new shoes. Some mite say i have my priorities wrong, but my friends are everything to me. I get really down if i dont see them for a while.

    I just knew that it was too good to be true that i mite actually be in the black again at the bank. I shoudlnt have got my hopes up. Something always has to go wrong.

    Another thing too, I lost a necklace that my mum bought me for my 21st last nite. I rang he pub and the guy said that he remembered something being mentioned about a necklace but it mite have been put in the bin. What stupid people. Im gutted.

    It never rains but poors.
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    aww hun im really sorry about your job. these big companies dont seem to see each individual case - just numbers and figures usually. its really not fair and im really sorry you were treated so badly. i hope things will start to get better.

    and im really sorry about your necklace - i know how much gifts mean to you, especialy from family.

    take care and stay safe.

    god bless

    Clare x
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    I'm sorry for this, I'm not demeaning your problems, but did you quote your title from Under Pressure? Bloody good song, that.
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    no, it wasnt a quote from the song, jus a feeling i get when these things happen. Plus it was raining today after a week or so of sun, so i guess shud have known the day would be shit
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    ah, ok

    well, :hug: s to you :)