It`s my life stop bringin me down..

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    First i really have to say something.
    I have to say this to my father. my sister. my mother.
    .........................why don`t you see something is wrong?

    Yeah is obvius i am having a bad time. I am trying to put myself together. I am realy trying..but is so damm hard. It all started when i was 17. I was the bright hard-working girl. Perfect in school..yeah some girls would..kill for what i had. But infact i was suffering inside. I was alone. I am alone. Killing myself whit food..than food wasn`t enugh..i started cutting myself..first it was just bittes..then it come...seriusly. I have tried to kill myself when i was 18 nobady knows.Slepping pills and half of bottle of Vodka. I woke next day . I could not belive..i am 20 years old. Don`t have a best friend,never had a boy friend,never went out to have some fun. I tryed but i have so much fear of my father. I have so much anger towords him. He want`s me to be the perfect home girl. Locking me like he did my mother. I am so numb..that i know this is gonna end bad. There is this song..that it goes like this....i become so numb,can`t feel you there...and i know i am out of feeling to..