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it started as a poem and ended as a short story

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warning may triger

We all know we bleed but our heart show u the pain with out that blood
When our heart are shattered we all feel that pain
We all try to make it real instead of the internal pain so we cut hoping that the pain will go when we know it will stay the more the cuts feel and u think that is the answer so each time u feel u cut u stab u think the blood is your feeling being set free when in fact the blood that dips from your finger and arms is just your body as it becomes weak and every 1 sees what u have done that huge gash down your wrist will stay there after the bandages are gone that scare will sit there as a reminder of what u once did and now u know and wish the scare was gone u wish she did not exist so u become angry and before thinking u grab the old piece of shatter glass that u even managed to sharpen that sat in your room for so long then the debate between to cut or find her and show her that blade witch was your only ’’friend’’ and the deep cut in your wrist suddenly the good memories come back and u cry on to that glass lent over on your bed looking at the scare think of the other way u could of let the pain out now u regret ever second of those 4 year through tear soaked eyes

You think of your first job after u drop out of school when your where 16 thinking still with your mind stuck on her in the interview your to be boss asked u why this job your answer your where trying to make something of your self he told u would make nothing of your self unless u tried so u try u tried for 2 years u are just under your boss then he sees the scare the huge scare on your arm and he fires u for something u did when u were younger

Now u have job your does not care what u have done just as long as u know what not to do the job u know do could kill u and u know with that chance u are happy that risk that u could die makes u forget but when u do remember her u think nothing of her only that scare the scare that when u and you mates get asked about the scares u lot have u always have the biggest from the 1 night u almost died but now u smile at it and think of the people u met and are now friends with due to this scare the 1 u now grown to know and love more than her
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