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It still hurts

She's the reason for my name. I didn't even get the chance to know her. She had been in my moms day care but she was jsut like me, we could have been sisters. We started talking around august or September, she was funny, bright, happy.... She was twelve years old.
The last time I talked to her we were on the playground, I was waiting for my mom to get off work. We were just talking, hanging out. Right before my mom me and said it's time to go she said " come on angelheart" I asked her why she called me that. She said she just thought it was pretty and it fit me. I didn't talk to her for a while after that.
Sometime in June my mom told me. She was on life support. She had gone swimming in the ocean. She loved to swim. A surfer pulled her out, tried to save her. A few weeks later I was at her funeral. It's still strange to know that I won't see her on those swings again. That was almost two years ago and it still hurts. When I think of what her family must be going through I feel like shit for feeling sorry for myself but I loved her. I can't bring her back, but I'm going to get wings tattooed on my back for my angelheart.

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