It Takes My Pain Away

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  1. Forsaken Heretic

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    I can't deal with people anymore, I haven't been able to for a while. I can't deal with my friends, family -- anyone, it all hurts to much. But I know I'm in trouble now.

    Recently I've been taking Vicodin, It's my step dads from when he had surgery and a friend told me that taking it will numb everything -- pain both physical and emotional, and I said I was only going to take it once, but it makes me feel so damn good. It makes everything feel bearable, like I can actually survive.

    I do know that it's not safe to be taking, but when it starts wearing off ... I don't know, It just makes it so much easier to deal with the pain. And pretty soon I'm afraid someone's going to notices the missing pills, and then what?

    Ugh -- Sometimes I wish I never started, but the pills make me happy.
  2. LSD

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    that "happy" you mentioned is not real hapiness
    hope you are aware of that
    .. do you go to the psych

    maybe if you start going you can star a REAL medication that will hlep you going throw things
    but stop taking things that you aren't aware how to takethem.. you might become an addict and.. god doesn't want it..but overdose one day.. tsk tsk.. no

    -- so please-- if you want "a pill that help " -- start going to the psych

    you are only drugging yourself..