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It was my birthday and the only present I got...

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... was from my dad. Even then I wasn't sure he'd give me anything. Though that hasn't changed much. Even though this year I bought presents for my friends it seems no one bought anything for me. Not even a card or a 'happy birthday'. - Just words would have nice... i told them it was going to be my birthday on this date ... yet nothing. Yet when it was their birthday's I organised a group to go and celebrate theirs.... yet i got nothing.

It kind of hurts... but that is life?

But life carries on.
On one hand I was gonna say well fuck em all and you shouldn't bother with cards or gifts for anybody.On the other hand you are obviously a caring decent person and you should carry on being just the way you are.I think it's important that we don't let others drag us down to there level,it's a kick in the teeth for sure but sadly the world is full of rude,insensitive people. Happy belated birthday wishes to you anyways.


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That is hard hun. Maybe this is a good time to look at all relationships and do a bit a Spring cleaning. And hang with people who are as caring for you as you are for them. And believe me, they exist even if it takes a bit of time to find them. Sometimes we keep hanging out with the wrong crowd because we don't feel we deserve to receive attention and affection. happy belated birthday :).

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I know how much that hurts hun and i am sorry your friends did not pull through for you You are such a caring soul hun please be kind to you okay do something just for you Happy belated Birthday hun hugs to you
I hate when things like that happen, and hope that you can find friends who treat you as you deserve... and return the favors. *throws a party for you on sf and sends you a huuuuge cake* happy belated, and i hope that you can find the best friends there are for you!


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but the funny thing is, I thought I DID find the best of friends that I could have found. I've know them for around 6 months. Even when I didn't know them that well I still gathered people to celebrate their birthday. I even had the audacity to say 'happy birthday' I saw them. (sarcasm) I don't know a simple 'happy birthday' would have been nice. That was all I wanted at least.



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A friend who I have been friends with since we were three missed my birthday, five days after hers (which I remembered)...it did sting! ... and belated happy birthday


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a kick in the face.

wow... if I ever felt like shit before it is today.

My friend had a birthday today and everyone bought him a cake and sung happy birthday. I bought him a present as I know how it feels like to have no one get you anything or say anything. But everyone said happy birthday to him, people came together (all my friends) and made him a special card with everyone's thoughts.

I'm not jealous, I'm just wondering why my friends didn't do that for me or say anything. A few of them even said they needed to buy me a present yesterday, so they damn well knew it was my birthday. (Kind of feels like a rub in face) I have known these people longer than this guy who just had a birthday today.

This song describes my life:

Although I didn't expect anything, apart from a happy birthday, I feel like I'm worthless along with my other life problems.

I gave gifts to those "friends", organised a fucking party for them and yet they treat me like this? They didn't have to fucking spend any money on a nice cake or anything, they could have simply said "happy birthday"... that is fucking free. You just say it god damnit. That is all I wanted. For my friends to at least care. But it seems I have no one that cares for me. I am alone. From now on I will take care of myself. But that isn't who I am.

It seems as if the world hates me and it is trying everything to make my life more painful than it is. Just coming to this god damn country was hard, but why do I need this extra pain?

It is as if I don't exist, just like that song, I feel as if I am invisible. What did do to deserve this.


I know this may seem like I feel jealous, but I am not. I already had this issue with my friends before it was this new friends birthday.

What also makes it worse is that my two closest friends even went to an expensive shopping centre to go buy this guy a gift. They never got anything for me. They never said happy birthday. Am I really SHIT to them? Do they not like me? Are they pretending to like me? I guess my anxiety issues don't help with this at-all.

I just want to be cared for by others. I just want them to have that one fucking ounce of care for me. Just someone to approach me and say "how are you?" or "how was your day?". Apparently that is too god damn fucking hard.

I apologize for the swearing, I don't usually swear, I usually only type swear words and never say it out loud. But sometimes I swear in my head and I'm letting it out on here.

I'll end with this: fuck everything, just fuck it all. I am as useless as a piece of shit, dirt and I am valueless. I was taught that friendship always carried value, but in reality I have no real friends. Real friends would care. Real friends would ask you how you are. Real friends would act like friends.

Re: a kick in the face.

This is one of the reasons i don't celebrate birthdays, can't be let down if i'm not expecting anything, however i celebrate everyone elses birthday because if i can make them smile then that will make me smile.
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