Italy Bans Plastic Bags (VIDEO)

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  1. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    Good for Italy!

    Hopefully one day we can get on board


    Italy's ban on single-use plastic bags took effect on New Year's Day.

    This couldn't come too soon, considering that Italians use about 20 billion plastic bags per year. According to WWF biologist Eva Alessi, each Italian uses 400 plastic bags per year, and Italy is responsible for 25 percent of all plastic bag production in Europe.

    Environmentalists are pleased with the ban because plastic bags are horrible on the environment, degrading extremely slowly and taking decades to decompose. They are also potentially harmful to marine life and other animals.

    According to BBC News, the law for a gradual ban on single-use plastic bags was introduced in 2006 and given a deadline of January 2010. However, the ban was postponed due to pressure from plastic bag manufacturers, who complained that they needed more time to reduce inventories.

    Critics worry that the ban will be difficult to implement, and that the steps of enforcement are unclear.
    MSNBC provides the following report on the ban.

  2. ~Young-Violet~

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    That shouldn't of used wayyy to many bags, they will live there only bags. You should put them on sale let people pay and bye them, simples.
  3. Lovecraft

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    In Ontario, Canada it's legally required all retailers charge no less than 5 cents for a bag. It's caused a greater reduction in use then you may think.
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