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Well, I'm Lauren. I'm 18 and been depressed for 3 years. I had been on medicine but as soon as my psychologist dropped me at 18 (he's a child psychologist) I started to go down hill again. I find that when I'm alone, I'm often wondering how I'd kill myself. It started when my aunt killed herself. I was so close to her and she was the only one in the family that actually seemed to understand me. That same year, one of the boys I went to school with and happened to know died in a car accident. At the same time, my boyfriend at the time left me to be with my best friend (luckily she wasn't mean enough to take him up). Ever since then, I've been cheated on by everyone I've been with. My life is going down hill and my birth parents BOTH contacted me right in the middle of all of this. My entire life my sister has been calling me fat and ugly and my dad seems to think I'm stupid. Lately, I've grown bored and myself and everything I had interest in just when I thought I was getting better. My best friend wants to have me committed but I won't go and I just think I finally need someone to talk to. Which is why I joined. I hope someone might be able to help me. Thank you.
:welcome: to the forum. I am sorry to hear about all that has gone on in your young life. When your child psych dropped you at 18, is there a reason why you did not seek out another one? Maybe you need to do this since you noticed things got worse. I hope you are able to find support here, and I am sure you will. There are so many people for you to talk with that understand where you are and where you have been. Join in and make yourself at home. :hug:


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Dear Lauren;

It sounds like you've been thru some hell lately. I"m sorry for the nasty events happening in your life, but I'm glad you found us. I was at the end of my rope when I stumbled onto this site but the loving members here helped me more than I can express. I hope we can do the same for you. We'll listen to you when you need to vent and we'll offer strong shoulders to cry on and arms to reach out to you when you are lost.

Are you getting any professional help at all now? Is there any possibility of getting it if you aren't right now? My area has a mental health agency that charges people based on their income, so it's affordable. Have you anything like that where you live?

Please do feel free to come here and make friends. I've made some great and lasting friends here and I'm sure you will too. Welcome to the site!:smile:


Welcome to the forum. :hug:

It indeed sounds like you have had some very rough times in your life, but I've been in similar situations and did manage to find a way out.

Like someone else suggested, it would be good to find another counselor to talk to. But until then, if you do think that you are getting dangerously close to doing ANYTHING, being committed wouldn't be a terribly bad thing. It would save your life. :)
It's harder than anyone thinks. I've often heard people say "Just smile" and such, but why smile when there's nothing to smile about? Or "Just get happy" like I can wake up in the morning and chose not to be depressed. It's not fair.
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