it'll never happen to me(sexual assault)

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  1. It'll never happen to me
    she says.
    She's a smart girl
    she knows what's best
    she wouldn't be stupid
    so stupid to go to a place
    and get drunk
    with people she hardly knows.
    No, she wouldn't do that.
    Would she?
    But she did.
    But it was okay
    cuz she was under control.
    And her friend was there.
    Surely he wouldn't let anything
    bad happen.
    Would he?
    But he left to go to a party.
    And she was there all alone
    with these people she hardly knew.
    But nothing bad will happen
    she thinks.
    But she is wrong.
    So wrong.
    Cuz a boy did something bad.
    And he hurt her
    without really meaning too.
    And she cried
    the whole way home
    and she couldn't stop
    And for some reason
    she is still not over it
    and she wonders
    how she could have let this happen
    the panic attacks keep coming back
    and she can't escape
    and she
    to not exist
    at all.
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    Very powerful emotions here. I can empathize with this poem.:sad:
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