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  1. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Listen, I'm really, really worried about Carla. Her last email to me seemed like she had reached a decision of some sort.

    I'm hoping I'm wrong, but . . .

    If ANYBODY has Carla's personal info (address, phone number,) please have somebody go check on her. A medical team, the police, somebody. I don't have it myself and don't know how to get it, otherwise I'd be on the phone right now.
  2. Tam

    Tam Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm worried too.
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  3. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    Admin would have access to her IP address which could likely be traced if necessary.

    I don't know the details of how such a thing would work though.
  4. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    I'm in the Pacific region and my work day makes it difficult for me to stay in contact with the majority of SF.

    I believe that Carla is in immediate danger.

    If you have any information on her, even just her phone number, I'm begging you to email it to a Canadian crisis center so that we can try to help her.

    Thanks again.
  5. suzy

    suzy Well-Known Member

    itmahanh visitor's message and what else?

    I beleive things have also gone a different way....and it is a great concern

    Those visitor's messages she sent to me can only be deleted by me...carla didn't have time to go in and edit each message that she sent to me....but my messages that carla once valued are gone on her profile (they can no longer be viewed by me even though I wrote them)... I can still see what she wrote me on my profile....

    how my words to her disappeared yet her words to me are still on my profile...only 2 visitors messages are left on her profile? Her own message (and one message of concern for her after it) User Control Panel is an interesting place...

    I feel that more is gone then just that at the moment I am hoping others will begin to see this....
  6. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    Re: itmahanh visitor's message and what else?

    I also received an email from carla this afternoon. I'm really worried about her, but I no longer have her phone number. I tried to reach someone who might still have it but he hasn't responded. I really, really hope she's okay. :( :( :(
  7. max0718

    max0718 Well-Known Member

    I also support tracing her IP, if the moderators are allowed to intervene. I sincerely hope that she's ok. Her last post in her diary certainly looks ominous.

    I thought this was going to be one of my typical long winded posts. A documentation to all the virtures of SF and it's staff and members. But surprisingly THANK YOU is the most appropriate and profound words I can find to utter.

    Can a moderator please comment on whether they're allowed to intervene?

    Hope you're ok Carla!
  8. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Have posted in the Staff Room, someone will let you all know the answer :grouphug:
  9. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    god oh god, i have no words :(
  10. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    please god let her be alright please.
  11. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    This was my last communication with her from yesterday;

    Originally Posted by forpetessake
    I dont remember where you are with your faith, but here's something to think about; If you do this thing, God is really gonna be ticked off at you, royally!!!

    I have looked into this and the only evidence I have found is from people who committed suicide and had an NDE (near death experience). All of these people, describe a hell, I wouldnt want. A hell no one would want. No fire and brimstone. Just walking around aimlessly forever in a grayish haze, with no light. A feeling of complete and total overwhelming despair. The despair of being seperate from God and the damage they caused back on Earth.

    Since you are planning on meeting your maker, even if you don't believe, I just thought you should know what is in store for folks like you and me.

    She responded;

    Thanks Tigger but I'll take my chances. See I dont believe what most religions or people do. God sees that I'm done. He knows I've done the best I could, been the best person I could and He'll decide what happens. I'm ok with leaving it in his hands. I've been living in Hell for a very long time. He may not welcome me into Heaven but I'm sure He'll take into consideration my time already spent in Hell.

    Tigger stay strong, so many members look up to you and use your strength to get through. You add so much more to this forum than like me just posts of words of hope. Surprised the uppity ups havent asked you to do a mod position yet (lol). Loves ya Bill, today, tomorrow and always!!
    x's & o's
  12. max0718

    max0718 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Joe.

    Carla, I hope you're safe. Please let us know if you are.
  13. brueyh1976

    brueyh1976 Well-Known Member

    Carla, hasn't been far from my thoughts even if I haven't been here much these last few days. I just really hope she's ok and hasn't done something that she can't undo.
  14. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Listen, I just got an email from her about half an hour ago. She's still around but there isn't much time left.


    I don't have her contact information. Please somebody get emergency services involved!!!!!
  15. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    All I know is that Carla lives somewhere in Canada. If somebody gets in touch with a Canadian crisis center and gives them a phone number and address, I'm certain that they can get in touch with the local authoritieis.

    I'm begging somebody to get in touch with them, or to send me the information so I can do it.

    Phone number and/or address.

    A life is at stake here.
  16. max0718

    max0718 Well-Known Member

    Seconded. Please let us know if someone has any details that may help. Thanx for the update CR. Keep us posted!
  17. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    :( yes keep us posted.
    I love Carla :(!!!!
  18. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Very worried :(
    I am praying and hoping that she got to a hospital or something!
    I remember her telling me once about the Crisis Unit in Canada. How it was a very relaxing atmosphere and everyone was nice and everything. I wish she would have gone to one of those.

    Please be ok :wub:!!! :heart:
  19. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    This is my last post. I had no intentions of replying to this but....

    It is 11pm here as I write this. I have just sent the police on their way. They said they had a concerned citizen contact them. I can not lie to people. My heart sunk as I knew the routine, the ultimate question that they would ask. But they didnt. So I answered what they asked. They left.

    I know you are all concerned. I am so sorry that I have upset so many. I never wanted this. I asked that the threads be closed so that you could all move on but I was told that would not happen.

    I know I am loved here dearly and you all have no idea what that means to me, especially now. I have one obstacle left to face, my children tomorrow evening. I pray I can stay focused. I'm sorry I cant do this. I had all the words that were going to make it better for you all. Now I just cant. It's too hard. Just know I'm so so very sorry.

    x's & o's
  20. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    There is no denying the unbearable pain any one of us here will inflict on the people who love and have to survive us if we end our lives. No one asks to be born and but even those of us stuck with extreme hardships have an obligation to loved ones to stay.

    Please don't hurt yourself. If you can't bear being in the hospital, stay with a friend or relative.
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