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its 2muchh

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i donno how it happened but i use to no less then a year an a half ago lovvvvved life one of the best years of my life playing college football enjoyin these new friends tht i truly felt close with...then moved back home cuz of grades an slowly started changin first once every couple weeks feel sh#tty then once a week then three or four times thenn eventually mayb feelin good once aweek...a monthh now im jus an ehhh i feel emotionless i dont no wher my other me went burieddd insidr mr y continue.......

total eclipse

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Hi you i hope you can go to your doctor okay talk with him or her and get something to help you feel better get you out of that sadness okay hugs
Hi meuni011, firstly welcome to SF, and well done for reaching out for support that you need and deserve, I hope you find it here. I agree with total eclipse, please can you try and go to the doctor and explain what is going on for you and maybe you can go onto medication to elevate your mood. I'm sorry that you're struggling right now. Please keep posting and let us know what is going on for you. Take care
if things were really good not too long ago, there is a good chance that you can get treatment and get better.

I hope things get better soon!


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Have you spoken to a professional about this decline? There may be many medical reasons for feeling this way and they should be eliminated. Please contact your GP and see what s/he has to say...you deserve to feel better...J
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