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ITs 6am in Ny...good morning to all

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Hello i guess im the newbie here.
Im a early 20's male, in collage, i live at home and i have few friends. And zero friends who understand me, but thats ok, because i dont understand myself as well.

I am a big music lover, but my taste is very defined i can only listen to john lennon, the beatles, and a few others along those lines.

I have alot of hobbies, my main hobbie being driving, restoring old volkswagens 1940-1979 mostly bugs. My other hobbie might bother people, dont worry its nothing against the law or offensive, ill just say it is very "american" and can be very loud to some, and it takes alot of my stress away while im involving myself in it.

Ive never been in a realtionship and dont really care to be in one. As i generally flip out if people touch me or try to touch me.

Ive attempted suicide 3 times in my life, and failed pretty bad at it, one was a real close call, but hey we cant all be good at everything.

Ive been on a few meds, i was put on pexeva and clonozpam(SP??) last time i tried to off myself but i dont like meds so i dont take them.
I just like to smoke some pot if i feel down.

I was a self hurter too, i still sometimes do it but not as bad, i know its sick but i enjoy it.

Well i think about offing myself everyday, sometimes i even plan shit out but, i usually just shrug it off...it likes to creep up on me.
I found this place because i was a tad down today...dont know why... but it feels good to see that im not the only one who fights with their innser self, and the drive and feeling that makes me tear my arms to hell.

I would love to post a few and read a few, and share my insight. And may be just may be this place could help me more than my fancy n.y. doctors can...and yeah i dont go to docs anymore they are all full of shit and most of them are real sickos.

ok bye
:welcome: to SF. I hope you are able to find the support you need here with us. You will find us to be a very caring community of people. :hug:

jane doe

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hi and welcome to the forum i´m glad you joined us, here you will find people who can listen to you(like me) and you will find support everytime you need it. so please pm me if you need it, i´m right here:)


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Dear VeeDub;

I also welcome you to our friendly and supportive forum and hope you can make friends and find compassion and support here.:smile: I'm sure you will, as our members are extremely understanding of the problems of others, as we have our own problems and methods of coping.

I'm sorry you haven't found Doctors to be much help.:sad: There are good Drs out there, they just have to be found. There are other types of therapy as well as just seeing doctors: Licensed Social Workers/Counselors, Mental Health Therapists, Group Therapy, are just a few of the titles of those in the mental health profession.

I am blessed with a very supportive system of friends and family - not everyone is so fortunate. Even with the strong support system I have, I still reached my lowest low in July of last year:sad: , the time I 'stumbled' onto SF while searching the web for methods. I'm glad beyond words that I happened upon this site, as I've found friends here whose value is beyond measure.:smile: Sight unseen, makes no difference: my friends here are every bit as real to me as my friends across the street.:smile: :smile: This site is my safe haven when I feel badly. I know I can always come here and find the love and compassion I am not (at the time) able to give myself.

I'm sure you'll find us to be a loving and helpful place. Welcome again to the forum!!:smile:

thanks for a warm welcome.

I would love to read and post some more, but its 507am here am like usuall i am stone ass drunk. I actually had to call my parents to pick me and my drinking bud up from the bar...and susprisingly my folks were happy i made that descision.......i never drink and drive i usually just call a cab but i am worse than usual did not feel like a cab tonight.

Anyway thanks
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