Its a joke right?!

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    Its 9pm.. I haven't slept in over 2 days now, haven't eaten since yesterday, I'm so wound up it isn't funny.. and what am i listening to right now? My dad and step mom decided its home renovation time, its 9pm and they're out the back of my shack smashing into a fence with a hammer and swearing at each other.

    She sleeps till midday, he's been home from work for 6 hours and they wait till the time of day when most NORMAL people are settling down for the night to smash down a fence and break up concrete for the new driveway.. and people say I'm the nut.

    I'm between tears of frustration and going out there and smashing a shovel over both their heads. God I hate it here, I really do, its a joke, a cruel, evil, senseless joke. Even if I didn't feel like the zombie from hell this would be annoying in the extreme.
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    i didnt realize i wasnt supposed to reply here, sorry
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    Think they meant the members diary link directly above this forum jKore. Good news is its stopped.. I spat it completely at 10pm and told him that I've had it, completely, I'm leaving as soon as I can and I don't care where I go or where I end up among other things.. I don't know how I feel now.. so empty and tired. Think I might go buy some cigarrettes soon and get completely drunk off my face, I can't hold it together anymore today.. Drunk, a crap movie and a pack of menthols sound about the best thing in the world right now.
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    Yeah, it's sounds like a bad bad joke when you're so tired and stressed.

    I do hope the movie, drink and cigarrettes help calm yourself. Your family sounds nuts..violent DIY at 9pm. maybe it means something? :biggrin:

    :hug: I hope you feel better soon and get some sleep without hearing all that.
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    :hug: Kemra,

    I know the feeling, my family are the same. You could find my mom gardening at 4am:laugh:

    I'm here if you need to talk xx
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    Finally got to sleep at 6AM, few drinks was all it took, 6.30 AM I wake up to 'thump, thump, CRASH!' As the last of the fence came down.. I groaned and rolled over and slowly drifted back off to sleep.. 7am my step-mom's dog starts up with 'wooowoooowoooowoooowooowooo' (one of those annoying small dog barks) as my dad's mate turns up to help tear up the rest of the driveway.. but its not too loud and I start to drift off, the last of the alcohol in my system helping.. 7.30 or so a radio is full volume.. 7.35 I just lay in bed crying..

    9am and I'm hungover and pretty sure I could get a role in George Romero's next zombie flick with no makeup or any effort as far as acting goes.. and i'm sitting here laughing as I type this, I mean totally cracking up, I have to or I'm going to start screaming and beating my head against the wall. :Jumpy:

    Wonder if your mom and my step-mom are related to sweetheart.. serious, she does nothing till midday, watches dvd's all afternoon, goes to work 4 days a week 4pm to 9pm.. then comes home and gardens, does washing, cuts her dogs hair and a heap of other stuff most people do in daylight.. on her days off she even waits till after dark..

    Oh noes! Vampires.. :eek:
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    Well im glad i can reply here! :)

    hey anytime u need a drinking partner, just msn me or somethin. i got a bottle of southern comfort beside my computer for just these situations :biggrin:

    :drunk: (me and kemra)

    Well its irrelevant now but ill post the message i was gonna post the other day (i have a habit of writing posts in notepad first for backup purposes. a writers curse! :biggrin:)

    "I know very well how angry and frustrated you must be feeling.
    im staying at my mum and step-dads house 'temporarily' cos im too pathetic to get my own place. ive been at their house for about 9 months now and its part of the reason i crave death.

    my mother, as much as i love her, will never take my side over his, no matter how immature or pathetic he is being.

    So this loser of a step-dad will do things just to try and get me arguing with him so he has a reason to kick me out into the street (thats my only option).
    If im cold, he will leave the air con on full ball on the coldest setting. if im hot "its too expensive to run".
    He has a spare room, but his computer is in there so i have to sleep on the floor in the lounge, where he will come stamping throu at 3 in the morning (cos he stays up all nite surfing porn, which my mum is oblivious to) making these retarded noises with his mouth just to wake me up, turns on all the lights as he goes, smashes around in the kitchen (just to make sure he's woken me) and then whistles all the way back to his porn room, all when i have to get up at 6 for work!

    All i can do is scream into my pillow and tell myself 'its only temporary'...
    i know it doesn't sound like much, but its that and all these little things that add up to him being satan.

    One morning he decided to open the window near where i was sleeping and go outside and start up his benchsaw AT 6 BLOODY 30 am on a weekend!

    so im well aware of your misery my friend, well aware.

    a wise man once said: Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. (oscar wilde) :)

    oscar wilde was a nob who never lived with retarded step-parents. so forget that :)

    sorry for rambling my friend. i hope your feeling better. hang in there kemra :biggrin:"