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Its a stupid question but why is having psychologist / therapist so important?

If there is something that you want to express, or there is something that you could learn from the therapist, then therapy can be very important.

Not everyone benefits from therapy though, or benefits enough for it to be worthwhile.

The drugs themselves aren't going to cure you. And sometimes drugs just stop working, so if you can't find a way to get at the reasons why you are depressed in the first place, it may become a bigger problem down the road
its my mother sometimes she says
“you can do it yourself.”
is she right? 🥺
Sounds like your wants to help but doesn’t know how or what to do!
Sometimes drugs help take the edge off to allow to focus and help think straighter.
One word for you therapy.
It will help give you the skills to communicate to those who love you how they can help you.
Hugs and best wishes


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Come on, you know that your mother is rarely, if ever, right about these things.

Maybe there's some stuff that she does understand, but mental health ain't it.
yeah my mum doesnt support mental health but kitty shy, my doc doesnt lets me bear this alone. kitty has to make my doc talk to her. *hiding

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