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It's All About How Much You Want It?

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I've heard this over and over, about the better job, the girl, whatever. It all depends how badly you want it. And to some degree I agree, but what to do when you don't even care if you get out of bed in the morning?

Has anybody cleared this hurdle, and if so how? How do you find the ambition to improve your life when you just don't give a fuck? How do you get past that? How did you, if you did?
ive been there.. i almost threw away my courses until i shook myself in the right direction i guess its a matter of finding it deep down that you want to do better for yourself insted of just getting by.. i turned to nursing because i didnt want to waste my life by for example killing myself after years of feeling it and attemps
becoming a nurse was the best thing i ever did because i help people every day.. it might be stupid little things that i do.. but it becomes worth it.

i guess you have to find whats worth it to you?
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