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Its all about the money

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What a waste of time Therapist undestood me and sent me to the phycatrist for an emerency Triage, I told him I needed to me on some kind of Lithim mood stabilser, he disagreed told me I should go to there Hospital he was bordering on commiting me for 72 hours, I started to worry about being Locked up so lied and got him to change his mind. All they think about is money they can make by locking me up without notice who would look after my Dog I have no money $500 co pay on Insurance, having stiches out today on knee surgeries need to start physical therapy tommorrow so I can get my knee moving so I can work, they dont care I don't know what to do know living off credit cards need help help, dont need to be locked up especially if they dont belive its Bi Polar, and I wont be treated correctly.

Imagine all this and Doc did not precribe anything at all, I went thru this process 12 years ago in Georgia, Doc sectioned me for 72 hours put me on Lithium as a mood stabiliser. even thouh I hated being locked up treatment worked for me, after that suiside attempt. I have chronic knee pain this is my 3rd surgery this year, need to get back to work living off credit cards, Anybody had the same experience would appreciate any feed back.

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I tried no help for me

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Try again hun talk to a different pdoc get a 2nd or third opinion but don't let them win okay You keep fighting to get you the help you need to feel well hugs
It is disgusting the doctor would not give you the medication. It worked in the past for you; why not give it another try.

How can that stupid doctor not realize the financial strain you are in; how can he not hear about your past and believe it is worth another try on the medication. I am disgusted.

I gave up on therapists. All of them would glance at their watches during the sessions. The last one I went to stated "you think you have problems, my cat got out before I left for work and now I don't know where she it". I quickly left and will never return to therapy.

It is all about the money.


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It always seems strange if we know a med has worked in the past and a new doc won't prescribe it. Sometimes it means they have something else in mind with fewer side effects. But to make sure they are treating as many symptoms as possible, they often want to admit people for a few days of observation. Still it seems harsh that they didn't consider the particular difficulties (dog, physiotherapy, etc.) of your particular situation. I do hope very much that things settle down for you soon. :arms:


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would it be possible for you to find another doctor? And if that one will not listen, to find yet another doctor? Sometimes pdocs have an attitude that the patient is sick so they know nothing about themsleves. But there are good doctors out there. I hope there is a way you can find one.

Do you live in the US? If so, would it be possible for you to call the United way where you live and see where there is a support group for people who are bi-polar? Maybe you can go to the support group and find a local doctor through someone there??? Maybe even a psychotherapist who has connections with a doctor??? Another thought I have is to ask united way if there is a group in your area who does advocacy for people who are mentally ill. Call them. Explain the help you need. Maybe they can help you to find the right doc. to get the right meds. I am sorry this is happening :hug:
Thanks to everyone who respoded
couple of answers to your questions

Yes I'm in manic stage took me 2 years, 10 years ago to get this under control I'll look into Oceans way, after last weeks appoinment therapisp seemed to care and she told me tell DR I had a mood stabiliser before, Yes I am employed as a server, but due to failed knee operationsthis week will be my last week of unpaid leave for FMLA.
I'll most probably get fired yet another reason for me not to go back to phscologist, bottom line I don't now what to do it took 3 weeks to get into see a pycoligist, I dont know what the answer is but if they send be to hospital for the manditory sanction. I'll end it . I want help don't understand

strike 1 go seek help none giving
Srtike 2 beg for helpnone givinStrikbe
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