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Hey been here a while now my daily battle for survival is driving me crazy my suicidal thoughts used to be sort of emotional. Id get upset and that was it now Im just constantly down. I keep on wondering if I will ever be ok just happy be able to look at my life and find some sortof pleasure. A place where I feel happy . I try so hard but Im angry why cant I just be. I dont know where my life has gone how Ive made the choices Ive made. I just long for the peace I think i would find if I just let it all fade to black


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Hey! I wish I had a way to make all the depression go away. :hug:

It's been a while since we chatted. Are you seeing a doctor or taking any meds or anything at the moment? Anything going on right now making things harder?

Sorry if I sound like I'm pushing. Just trying to catch up on where you are at as I am concerned about you.




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where am i stoped taking my meds because i was putting on weight. am trying counselling but its hard work the lady is nice but I just feel hopeless am thinking of trying to get back on some type of meds to numb the feeling of worthlessness and anxiety . its just most of the time I feel so hemmed in and I get extrremely paranoid
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