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Its all going wrong.

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First off, a close friend.. said this

"I Nearly fell in love with the wrong person, but Now I've found the right person"

Guess who the wrong person is.

She was the first person i actually loved.

And now shes with my best friend, who also happens to be a girl [I have nothing against it] but i have now fallen out with my best friend over it.

& I have my GCSEs coming up, had first one today, didnt go too well, also your not allowed jumpers or sweatbands in the examination rooms, so had to take them off.. arm's a mess, everyone looking at me. :sad:

I cant sleep..

I have an alcohol addiction.. by the way im only 14, almost 15

My mum has been re-diagnosed with cancer, & my family hate me.

Falling out with alot of friends lately.

Its not going well.. :cry:


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Good Lord hun, thats a lot to deal with at your age.

I know sometimes it can feel like family hate you (been there meself) but I'm sure they don't. Is there one member of your family that you trust and could talk to? If you're drinking heavily you need some help to stop.

Doing exams is stressful and you have stress home with your mum being ill and all, maybe this is why you're falling out with your friends. Don't know about you, but stress makes me really irritable and snappy, maybe you've been a bit short with your friends lately?

Sorry you missed out on the girl you loved, but there will be someone for you hun who will make you happy.


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I was once 14 and felt unloved (was unloved actually), but I found out from age and experience, that there are plenty more fish in the sea, so to speak. I remember it didn't feel ok when I was young, but trust me, you'll find another person to love.

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