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its all happening again..kill it, now!!!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by LillMy8989, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. LillMy8989

    LillMy8989 Well-Known Member

    I see colors so strong, seems like I drank too much but no drops have wasted, I am going insane, before I go, I wanna write... I have been so clear, why?? He has been there, always, I liked it! Now this 'evil' is going through my minds, I have thoughts of <Edit Moderator Triggering>someone. Then this one-legged man whos sitting in this wheelchair, he is trying to <EditModerator triggering> I am not safe no more, I am not safe anywhere, except in here... do not try to ring my door I wont answer, NO more! Folks are after me, I got a letter who was covered in blood, thats enough! Don't do this to me, please! I am begging you, I am not listening, you are all evil, Im not, I am trying to help, just help...

    I have my thoughts(it called THOUGHTS idiots!!!) quite by my side I can handle, oh gosh, he we go again... Whenever I keep writing Ill be okay, it takes me to action insanity... Im no kidding, please help me, I want help, hes taking me and I cant write this, hes taking my words again, ill be banned if i go writing in here, I am just want you to know this is bad, hes calling me "you dont need nobody", I believe him, I must, dont take me out of this, its like more people is coming, 2 people I dont wanna, He gets angry while im not on his side, I will make love with him, forever. Last words he said.

    He looking me strange and wont give up, I need help, others he will take me, "I will make you happy" he says, dont fuk with anybody , do not tell anybody, I wont give up, im still trying, this is so madness!!!! Help me, this feeling is so not real, so evil, please make a flower and make it grow, if im still be here i will grow, grow!! Or it will disappear in front of your eyes...
    its hard breathing, please stop, I wont give up, if I do, he will win , hes trying to over win me but not going to work! Mr.!!! I still have the flower, its a yellow one, beautiful like no other, and its growing, do not make it stop!!!

    Am still trying, lets pray for me if thats going to end it, or not... Stop that! He's trying to cover himself in my madness so its my fault i am insane??? I have no power to deal with no more, I cant live with this anymore, I just wanna be normal, lets make my soul, my human turned into wings, that was a blue thought, I want them to see me walks like you and me, anybody else, no one is going to look like me saying you're weirdo from Marso, just "aha, you again.." would makes me happier than a horse making a turdo.

    Please I wanna be free while im outside I see people walks not the way I see now, fear, disgust and DEMONS!
    Right now he is right behind my back, cant take this, while im trying i will gone insane.
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  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You need to call your pdoc and get your meds assessed or better yet go into emergency room as you are psychotic now you are unstable and need help to get the voices the thoughts undercontrol hugs