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It's all happening so fast!

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Okay, working on getting some sort of help.. what ever. But everythings happening so fast!! I just told someone maybe wednesday. and Saturday and things are already freaking me out to the point I wish I hadn't told. I'm scared, freaked out.. and nervous, and still feel crappy :(

Is there no way to win? Refuse help, you get worse and your friends start to abandon you. Agree to get help.. and things cave in around you.. suffocating almost.

This is just so fast.. so much.



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Not sure what is happening so fast; if it has anything to do with what you and a therapist spoke about, it is a good idea to tell him/her about your feelings...if it is that you are getting services quickly, that is a good thing..in either case, please let us know how you are doing...big hugs
it's nothing to do with telling a therapist. I haven't even talked to one yet.

Just going through ideas and options and what's actually going to happen once I give the world. and what everyones going to think. My dad especially. The only person I've told everything is my aunt.. a slightly distanced aunt. Living almost 40 minutes away. and I've only told her by email. I'm terrified to talk face to face. :( But all the things she's suggesting is freaking me out a bit. I mean, I know she knows what she's talking about because she only works at a hosp. of some sort.

I'm just a smidge overwhelmed here....


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The unknown is clearly much more frightening than virtually anything we know...if you are thinking about 'talk therapy', any competent therapist will be able to gage the work according to how you can tolerate it...a pdoc will include your feelings and experiences in the medications s/he prescribes, and hospitalization, it has a stigma that is truly not the case in most situations...please consider what you need first and foremost, and others' feelings second...good luck and please keep posting...big hugs
I know.. I know I need to keep in perspective how I NEED this help. I know I need it. That's why I'm putting myself through this torture of awkwardness and fright. I just can't do it. I can't make myself talk.. sitting here now I can think of things to say in the situations I'd been lost in 2 hours ago.. but I can't think of a damn thing in the moment where it matters!!!

I'm screwed right? Just tell me.. I need to talk or else I'm going to die.

damn.... :cry:
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