It's all my fault.

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  1. resistance

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    Yes, everything's my fault. Blame it all on me, I should be used to it by now. I'm sick to death of being made to feel like crap when I didn't do anything in the first place but people don't like admiting that THEY are wrong. THEY are perfect. THEY NEVER make mistakes. Well, I have a surprise for you, you are NOT perfect, far from it.

    Before opening your mouth CONSULT YOUR BRAIN FIRST. It saves peoples feelings, but you don't care about that, do you? I get a feeling you don't and it hurts like heck.

    I'm fed up of the really stupid, petty AVOIDABLE arguements that often esculates into rows and I don't want to be apart of it anymore. I keep quiet, and you think I'm ignorant. I say my piece and you still call me ignorant. WHAT DO I DO? Lose, lose situation.

    I'm fed up of you accusing me that I have a go at you ALL THE TIME, and you think I'm fed up of living here and all this other stupid bollox that ISN'T true.


    Yesterday. We were walking through town and there was a reconstruction of the crucifixion of Jesus. I stopped to take pictures but he didn't and I shouted but he didn't hear me. I said to him that I shouted and that's all I did, I just COMMENTED but he thought I was having a go at him and he said he can never do anything right and I am impatient etc It wasn't a big deal!! I just COMMENTED. So what if I only got one picture, SO WHAT?! Really, he took it waaaaaay wrong. But would he listen? Nope.

    Oh, and speaking of "it isn't a big deal"....

    The other day I went to a red cross event and just before I left I was looking for some chewing gums. He was looking hard but couldn't find any and I said, "it's ok, it's not a big deal" and he took that wrong way, too, and said if I keep my attitude up he is going to walk out.

    Today. We were in the supermarket and I got some milk. I was going through the checkout with my basket (including some other stuff) and he asked for the milk. I said it was in the bottom of the basket and I couldn't get it. But, it wasn't. I said "sorry, it wasn't in the basket it's just gone through the checkout", and he had a go at me for saying sorry!!! WTF?!!! WHY. Seriously, WHY?! He said he was fed up of me saying sorry. (I only said it twice today, once when I picked up wrong dog food, and at the milk event just then).

    I said I am fed up of the really petty stupid arguments, and he said: "Well who causes them, **my name**?"
    I didn't answer.
    I'm not just saying it, but I don't know where I'm going wrong. Seriously, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells because I don't know what is going to tick him off next!

    I'm fed up of it.
    I'm still crying.
    I've been crying so much I've got a stupid headache. :(
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  2. Terry

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    Res that don't sound like it's you, it sounds like someone finding fault.
    I take it this is your boyfriend? Is he finding fault with everything you do lately?
    If the answer is yes then you need a long chat with him. Not meaning to alarm you but when peeps in relationships start finding fault over little or nothing it usually mean the relationship is in trouble.
    Here if you need me (MSN in profile) and sorry if I've scared you but its better to know than to keep wondering what is wrong.:hug: :hug: :hug:
  3. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Hey Terry, it's my dad but the relationship with boyfriend isn't plain sailing either, that's another story for another time. :( Men, eh?! Heh. I feel a bit better now, but I still have that headache. I don't know why my dad is so touchy, I just wish he would chill out a bit. Thanks for the offer of MSN, and btw, we added each other a few days ago hehe :hug:
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Beginning to think alzheimers is settling in to me head:unsure: dont remember anything lately :laugh:
    Well maybe your dad is having a mid-life crisis :laugh:
  5. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Ah, I dunno what's wrong with him. I just wish he'd stop, or I'd stop, I don't know. I really don't think I am causing these rows. Yeah I'm not perfect and I'm not saying I haven't got irritated over something and argued but these stupid arguments are caused by something so minor that he brings up, hardly a day goes by without an argument and it gets very tiring. I think he's a tad too old for a midlife crisis. :huh:
  6. Terry

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    Damn there aint anything worse than peeps being moody and you dont know why:dry:
    He might be stressed out about something Res, I know I tend to snap and snarl when I'm stressed and Daniel (my son) tends to get the brunt of it :sad:
  7. Robin

    Robin Guest

    I'm sorry he's so argumentative resistance, you certainly don't deserve it, you really are a lovely person and I'm sorry you have to put up with such behaviour. Keep posting, we are here for you :) :hug:
  8. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Ahh.. he's just had another go at me. I am so fed up of it. I am so angry about it all I can't put it into words... all I know is there is only so much one can take before they SNAP. And, I feel like snapping. I'm fed up of being treated like shit.
  9. Robin

    Robin Guest

    I guess it would help if he treated you like an adult, I know that can be pretty hard for a parent though, my nan was still fussing over my dad at 90 so I say good luck to you, it can also take a while for a parent to realise that their child has become their peer too.
  10. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    I dunno, I just wish he would stop it or at least NOTICE he is doing wrong, but he doesn't. I'm sitting here crying after another stupid thing. I asked him, "what's the matter?", he was looking around for something, and he snapped at me saying here I go starting another another row. Ugh. I'm going to my room and I'm staying there.

    It may sound really petty, all these arguments, and I know they are, that's why they are so stupid and he always blames me. Anyway, I'm done with complaining, its not going to solve anything. :(
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  11. resistance

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    I was too upset earlier to stay on here for long and I didn't feel like going into the being treated like an adult part. Since my step-mum died I have taken over pretty much everything and in that respect, I am treated like an adult but my dad still sees me as his kid and I guess I can understand that, I mean, like you pointed out Robin, it doesn't matter how old we are 8, 18 or 80 we are still their child and that won't change, they will always think they know what's best and they can't help that.

    The thing is though he is on my case so much. I don't see this as a case of "teenage angst", you only have to read the examples I've put in this thread to see that he is being unreasonable. Or, I can't see where I am going wrong at all. It gets so tiring, it gets tedious, it gets to me so much and I sometimes get so anxious because I don't know what's going to set him off next. I often end up crying (maybe I need to get a grip, I'm too sensitive for my own good) and also have an incredibly huge urge to self harm. I feel so trapped sometimes, I think I'm never going to get out of this environment.

    I've got so much crap going on right now I can't take this anymore. It's times like this where I particularly miss my step-mum. :(
  12. Robin

    Robin Guest

    It's good to get things off your chest though :) As for your dad, he sounds pretty wound up, that's not good for your health to be like that all the time.