It's all on me.

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  1. Sparky777

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    I know I have to save myself from my own despair. I know that perfectly but it's like a part of me is too deep into the hole that I've dug for myself. At this point I feel I'm the only one who can save myself and set myself free. I know I am. I have to trust and believe in myself that I can do this but sometimes I really can't. I say to myself that I know I'd never have the guts to do it but life seems so utterly pointless and I'm going nowhere. They say you can only die once but I'm dying every day. Inch by inch my life is stolen away from me.
  2. total eclipse

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    I know what you say is true we have to find a way to help ourselves but you do not have to do it alone hun you reach out ok to the supports in your community here and wherever you can to help you fight the depression your in hugs
  3. Sparky777

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    Thank you total eclipse. I just feel so alone right now.
  4. flowers

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    hi Sparky. It is so hard, depression. And how does someone dig themselves out of depression? With lots of help. I do not think it can ever be a job for one person. Yes we do have to do it for ourseves. But with a great amount of support.

    Depression etc is horriffic. Yes, It can be like dying a little bit every day. I am sorry this is happening to you. The existance called depression. But I do think there are ways out. And maybe this year or next year there will be a breakthrough that will help so many of us to climb out of this condition with much more success than ever before.
  5. Lost and tired

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    Hi Sparky, sorry you're having a shit time. I dont totally agree that only you can save yourself. For 20 years I told myself that I was emotionally self sufficient, that my problems were my own, I didn't need anyone's help because I could pull myself out of it myself. That type of thinking made me the gibbering shipwreck that I am today. Everybody needs help sometimes but it took me to see what my depression was doing to the people around me before I did anything about it, 25 years too late.

    Having said all that there is some truth in what you say, because only you can make the decision to let other people help you.