'Its Allright'

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by curtius, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    I'm getting used to it
    Indecision over little things
    Not knowing when to do it
    The stress that knowing you means.

    The problem is I crave you
    I need you when you are gone
    Problem is you are never here
    And the days keep stretching on.

    I wait each day for you to come
    Home to carry me
    Away from all the fears I know
    I really shouldn't feel.

    Cant you see I miss you?
    I know you must miss me?
    Though only a few I know that you
    Have tried to trust in me...

    I've caught a glimpse here and there
    Of your vulnerability
    I wonder if you need or care
    To ever stay and see?

    Let me show you how I love you
    How I miss you when you're gone
    You stiffen every time I reach
    It hurts and I feel alone...

    There's so much I would like to say
    With only these two hands
    I promise I wont hurt you
    Let me touch you where they land?

    I know your job is difficult
    And I know that you've been hurt
    But I promise you that I never was
    And never will be HER...

    I dont know how to say this
    ANY of this to you
    So I sit and type and cry
    It's all I know to do.

    As I said, I'm getting used to it
    It's another lonely night
    You are only just a breath away
    But I feel I've lost this fight.

    It never was between us
    This fight is from our past
    Both of us are wrestleing
    With rejection we've let last.

    I look at you and all I see
    Is how beautiful you are to me
    I look at you and all I need
    Just once for you to look in me...

    But tonight I'll tell you, it's allright
    Tonight it's only me
    I love you, it's all that I can do
    I'll just have to wait and see.

    My hands are tied -
    These tears have dried
    My pillow expectantly
    Awaits for me to lay my head
    And drift off into sleep...

    What dreams will come?
    None I pray -
    For it's what you are to me
    I'm afraid if I wake then fate will take
    You far away from me...

    So hold me while I'm sleeping
    Hold me while I lay
    I'm listening, waiting for you...
    Someday, my love...someway.

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  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh Curtius, how lovely!:smile: What a tender and sweet love poem! :smile: :smile: I like it very much!!:smile: :smile: :smile:


  3. MyFilm

    MyFilm Member

    Just beautiful.....
  4. I've read this several times today Curtius and just can't seem to come up with an appropriate comment - it simply leaves me speechless. Nothing I say could touch your words

    "It never was between us
    This fight is from our past"

    In two sincere lines among many, you capture the essence of our personal histories that block us. The whole thing is, well, AHmazing. I'm humbled...and in awe.

    P.S. Just thought of one more thing... There is music just waiting to be written to these words - they practically hum a tune already
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  5. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    It only makes me cry.

    I hate haveing the words sometimes. Its when I hurt the most that they come flooding out.

    Its good to know others can relate to this tho...I dont know what I would do without this place.

  6. Curtius... (OMG)

    There is profound and sacred eloquence in how you express your pain... I could cry with you. You are a singular shining being, even in your agony and anguish...

    I don't know what I would do without this place (and beings) either...

  7. BelovedDreamer

    BelovedDreamer Well-Known Member

    i read it and i cried.
    the pain felt so familiar.
    I'm so sorry.
  8. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    Its just one of those things...

    Those things you cry over...

    I really wish he would come home to me.

  9. I'm sorry for your pain right now, but for what it's worth, I think you have a *rare* connection inspite of the distance...

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