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  1. When I was in locked up in hospital, after some months I started thinking strange about food and my body..... This strange thinking chaged, from just feeling to action, and I started starving myself. I ate - yes I did but it was not much, I ate just less and less, and even if I just ate some sallad I felt very guilty after it, and I really, really wanted to throw up., but I never did so. I told my friends, both IRL and online, and they supported me, told me to eat even if I didn't want to and so I did...... Now I've gained some weight again, and I'm not dizzy all the time and I can walk properly. As worst, my BMI was 15, witch is quite low since everything below 19 is underweight. Now it's 17, and I try to avoid fashion magasines and tv shows about dieting. I still feel guily after eating, but I can take it. Some days I still think I'm fat and ugly, but I try to think of what people tell me instead, that I'm too skinny and need to eat more than I do.
    I am so proud of myself, getting better, atleast when it comes to the eating.
    I just thought I'd post this here, since this cheers me up and it's something positive.
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    :hug: keep writing hun, it will go you good:smile:
  3. yeah i suppose so..:smile:
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    I understand your struggle. :hug:
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