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It's been a month


To live would be an awfully big adventure
It's been a month since I signed up to SF and congrats to me for living an extra month! Thank you to everyone who's helped me in this community I'm very grateful for all your support and kindess over the past month. I wish everyone well and if you're reading this have an amazing day!


To live would be an awfully big adventure
Hey! How are you doing?

SF is really an amazing place with amazing people. *hug

Well, I will try to. :) Thanks!
Not so well to be honest. Just trying to look for some positive energy to put out there hahaha

Yes it truly is an amazing place and almost everyone has been so warm and kind.


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It's so good to read good news on here, it makes me happy. I am delighted that SF has helped you so much and that you found the strength to get through the month, here's to the next month.. *hug

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