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It's been a while since

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Ya i was managing fine for about a year but i guess thats over now. I have already tried suicide twice in the past week but i am not gonna do that hopefully anymore but i am soo sick of being depressed. It always happens when i cannot get out of the house and i cannot hang out with friends cause one doesn't like to be around people anyymore and the others moved. So ya i am just so sick of feeling this way and i do not know why i a m here again.


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Sorry that you are back under such circumstances, but welcome back anyway :hug:

I take it you are receivin some treatment for the depression?
If it's not working go back to your doc and keep on till you get what you need.


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I too am sorry that you're back in this place again and hope that you won't try to harm yourself again.. do you feel better when you're able to get out and visit friends? I wonder if you'd be able to visit some of your friends at a weekend or maybe join a club or something where you may be able to make new friends? I know it's difficult but it may help in the long run. xx

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Hi i am glad you reached out here talk to us here make new friends I do hope you can join some activity though or class that will get you amongs people again. Art class sports something okay hugs to you
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