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Its Been A While...

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... Since I Could Hold My Head Up High...

I love staind, and those lyrics mean alot to me.

I nearly attemtped again, after a few months unactive on this forum, my brother started to suspect I was getting depressed again, and got me counselling. NEWSFLASH, depressed.. again?!?!? Im always depressed, there is no quit, no break, no freedom.

and it f*cking sucks =(


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You need to fight it. You need to hate your depression. It's not part of you, only the feeling is a part of you. It's the thing itself that makes you depressed and that is depression.
The reason they call depression a disease in my eyes is that you can go through a bad patch and get depressed, but then that bad patch clears and all is better. But yet your still depressed. So, if there is stuff that is still making you sad you need to try and find a way to sort it out (easier said than done I know). Then you need to kill that depression.

It is a horrible thing because it makes you believe you can't get better or it will be too hard. Make life more bearable if you can (even if it's just talking to people and letting them know what your going through), then ask people how they conquered their depression. There are hundreds of different ways.
My hope goes out to you.


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Hi there :)

Sorry to hear that you're struggling.. how are things going with the counsellor? Is it helping you at all? And are you able to talk to your brother about how you're really feeling.. sounds like he cares about you a lot..

Hope things improve for you soon.. we're here if and when you need us

PS I love Staind too :)


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heh. awesome =D counselling is ok, its the same woman I had before, so its farmiliar, a bit in a bad way though, it feels like Im back at square one. The difference between now and the times Ive been suicidal before h2o, is that this time I WANT help, I WANT to get better, when before I was younger, niave, fighting it. I wanna be ok, thanks so much you guys for support. x


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It does suck that there is no break. The depression just keeps getting to us. It gets worse and worse. Counseling helps though it brightens things up.


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Depression... I swear to god I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Well, maybe my WORST enemy I would. It is ridiculous. I live on the hope that it will go away one day. :/
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