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its been a year now

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Hello everybody! Im so glad to have found this site.
I attempted suicide a year ago last month. I slit my wrist like a T, that is exactly how my scar looks, the up and down cut was pretty deep, needed about 30 stitches total, 15 were internal. A couple months after that I very seriously considered hanging myself, I sat with the rope in my lap in my garage for about an hour before deciding to just go to bed.
So now a year has passed and I seem to have slayed most the demons in my head, I feel like a different person really. I just feel really good about life at the moment.
What I need help with really is I never told anybody what I did, only people that know are the couple people my ex called when it happened. So I dont know how to tell people what happened. I was talking with a good friend that was wondering where I have been the last couple years, and I really tried hard to tell her what happened, but I just couldnt get the words out.
So for now I just always keep it wrapped and wear long sleeves.
Does anyone have any advise on how to break the ice on this subject to people. The thing is, to the people that know me, this was a huge surprise, everyone always considered me to be a very strong person, pretty safe to say that absolutely no one ever woulda though I would do this.
Id love to hear any advise or suggestions.
Anyone have any questions please ask, and anyone thinking about doing this, please talk to me, things can get better I know believe me, last year if someone told me that I know it woulda just annoyed me, but you never know what the next second of your life is going to bring.


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Firstly welcome to the forums:).

It sounds like you're doing much better now. Sometimes getting your thoughts out on paper can help tremendously. Also, if you haven't seen a therapist, that could help greatly too. They are unbiased and will not (or should not anyways...if they do they are a bad therapist) judge you in any way.

I wish I had more insight on the best way to go about telling people what happened. I have never attempted so I'm not exactly sure how to go about it, but I'm sure other people will chime in with some good advice.

Once again, welcome to the forums.


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similarly to SH i would tell someone close to you, then let people know one at a time. it s something people may struggle to understand but i know there are some NHS self help guides you can download that explains, if you feel you can speak about it. dont just mention it off hand- give them time to think.

one at a time, give them time.

*hugs* im proud of you- a major step forward.

take care
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