it's bothering me that...

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    ...I can't 'connect' with people. I can talk to them, however I never feel like we're doing anything more than speaking and responding. I usually don't have any idea of the things that they talk about (tv shows, movies, music, etc) as I have no taste for many popular things and don't bother keeping up to date with current events. I feel less like a person and more like a robot (trying to) responding in the way that I know I should. I really want to have friends and a normal social life. The problem is that every time I try to befriend someone I get exhausted whilst speaking to them and feel sick afterward. I feel so jealous when I see groups of people smiling and laughing. It makes me want to just disappear. When I try to express myself, I'm usually lost for words and can never put emotion into anything I'm saying. All that goes through my mind is hateful thoughts of murder and suicide. I can never empathize with people. I don't know why, but I just don't care what the other person is telling me. I have no idea why I'm like this and it's been going on for a number of years now.

    Well that's the main thing bothering me at the moment...
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    I think I can relate with you. Sometimes I feel like I'm just responding and asking questions about topics that really have no interest to me. I don't really take much care in following current events, sports, video games or tv shows. It's a bit alarming to me because I know I was quite good at keeping up with this sort of thing. I read somewhere that one of the signs of depression is that you lose interest in things that once kept you interested. I know its kind of a stupid thing to ask for people coming to a forum like this. This disinterest, is it a sign of depression? Then I feel tackling the depression can ultimately bring that interest back and maybe those conversations won't feel so mechanical any longer. I don't know, its just an opinion.
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    i just made a relpy similar to this. i can't connect with people either.

    the onlt thing im really kind of interested in is News. so obviiously i cant talk with people about that. i got interested in mx through a person i thought was a friend but that was a joke too,.

    i regards to 'connecting' with people, it seems to me that everybody but me seems to have got some sort of 'how-to' guide to life but for some reason my copy got lost so i dont know how to be friends with epoeople or anything.

    anyway i wouldnt worry too much because people arre pretty worthlress really and will only rip you off while cliaming to be your friend and stuff.