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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Blacksheep, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Blacksheep

    Blacksheep Well-Known Member

    i barely have the willpower to move my fingers to type this fucking message. im about to get kicked out of my house for not having a job. im gonna be homeless and nobody gives a fuck. would have tears running down my face, but my sinuses are really dry right now. they fucking piss me off.
    so just lettin you know that if i get kicked out, im walking to the train tracks that are about a 5 minute walk from here and just gonna stand there. ill have a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. i fucking hate beer.
    im fucking shaking now cuz my muscles are erallly stressed right now. i can harly ove my fingers. it feels a bit tingly all around my arms. my ears are leaking the sme crap hey always do. this shit reeks.i can hear a train from right here. feels like its calling to me. begging me to hitch a ride to hell. at least the demons of hell pay special attention to you. not like people here on earth. the are too busy with tihier own bullshit to even see that you are suffering. i notice everyones suffering but nobody notices mine. everyone is an inconsideralte bastard.fucing people make me sick.allthey wanna do is spnd tier money . just go to the mall and walk around with their sell fones and thier bags and thier giggling gaggle of shallow ass friends. fuck poeple. people make me fucking sick. i feel likie gavity is pulling every molicule of me down to the floor. the train is gone. been gone for a while now. happy memories are too few and far between. i dont have one picture of any of my friends. they dont have pictrues of me either. we were never ones for cameras. i dont even know why hte fuck im posting this shit.
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    dude your my type of guy lol i am not laughing at you i am welcoming you to my hell. (red carpet treatment) really man i know what your sayn totally. do what i do man and none of that shit will matter. check it out-- you pull yourself together after that bullshit beer your gonna drink(fuck beer!) and follow my lead. very simple and it gives you a piece of mind. live your own little fuckin world man. block out these dumb cellphone hoes and all the shit that doesnt matter and do your own thing. be original.. live life the way you want it and if anyone gets in your way well--silently run them over and smile about it afterwards. i am not telling you to be violent i am telling you to block out the shit that doesnt directly effect you and do your own thing. are you co-dependant man? i sure the fuck aint. you know what interest ppl about me? they think i am mysterious and that originality gets their panties wet. no bullshit and i still tell em-- i came in this world without you and ill be out of it without you. your the fuckin man in other words! show these fuck head ppl that your not affected by their petty BS. look man, right now i dont have a fuckin job, i live with a relative, and i have a child by another woman. my new girlfriend has a fat booty with an hour glass shape no doubt..i wouldnt lie :0 oh yeah!! she spends all her money on me will i play my role. simple man give it a shot. i have been doing it for 6 years:biggrin:
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