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It's easier this way

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Life's easier for me if I don't expect to be truly trusted, loved, or to belong. Everytime I thougnt I was trusted I wasn't. Once was offered a job I really cared about and thought wow I'm finally trusted. Told me I had the job then without warning announced they'd given it to someone else. It was an unpaid position in a non profit....anyway I never seem to be trusted. Even my own Dad who I felt closest and safest in my family ended up bashing me along with the man I love and the man I loved rubbed it in my face. He's so sweet to others. Always mean to me. I won't even go into my ex. Loves my kids...focus on them...never expect to be trusted so figure I just flawed by default and gotta remember to never expect it that way I'm never disappointed. Not gonna sign in...this is another place of the same results. Just saying it cuz I'm to the point of crying right now.


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How do you know we are the same if you dont give us a try, I think thats unfair of you.

Theres alot of disappointments in life, but there are alot of moments that make it worth living to.
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