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its funny because if you posted this on a board or forum

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by HawthornePassage, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    "i just got a ticket for 40 mph in a 20 mph zone, how do i get out of it, do i need to get a lawyer etc"

    youd get a bunch of self righteous assholes, even a cop, telling you "just follow the law" or "pay your ticket and stop whining you broke the law" and a bunch of finger wagging nonsense. Theyd probably ASSUME you were roaring thru some small subdivision and are an unsafe driver, but the judgmental idiots dont understand anything about the real world. Same with going 65 in a 40 construction zone when its a major highway with nobody working or something. ive seen this so many times

    funny, because throughout history there have been some pretty barbaric laws




    its not hard to imagine going 40 mph in the 20 mph zone because its a dumb speed limit. the roads are basically the same with the 50 mph zone having more roadside development

    speed limits are worthless when theyre set in such dumb ways. they pass laws governing them and the towns ignore them and put up whatever they want. michigan is the only state that mandates scientific methods in setting them which is why its 50. but funny enough, in that same town, youve got a 4 lane empty road with a 35 mph limit for no reason which is illegal in Michigan. if laws are set arbitrarily theyre not worth following except just know that you can still get in trouble

    but wait, according to the idiots, the law is always there for a good reason. yeah fucking right. oh btw even when a certified traffic engineer or the state police backs up the scientific way of setting the limits, people argue against them and trash them.

    ive spent hours making calls and even attended two town meetings to try to get a local limit of 25 mph on a major road changed, with no success. the speed limit is 40 on every other residential major road in this town. and the cops dont even care if you go 40 99% of the time. fail
  2. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    oh look. New jersey state DOT has just told me they have absolutely no power to enforce their speed limit setting guidelines. so to the dumbass conservatives, its okay if towns break the law, but shame shame shame on those drivers for violating the number on the sign
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