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  1. Anonymous00

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    It's so fucking funny how people tell you to open up to them but they won't fucking listen anyway. Then they'd start calling you a liar and a fraud right after.
  2. Petal

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    Oh....that would be me and my sibling. Pretend to care then throw it all back at you when you are already down. I hope you are ok x
  3. AsphyxiateOnWords

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    Yep, very ironic. Same thing happens to me. I get told I never open up and lie about how I feel, but yet when I try to open up and be honest about how I feel, I get shot down and criticized. Yet, it never occurs to the person that perhaps that might be the reason I lie about my feelings sometimes. Because maybe...just maybe, I don't like being called a nutcase for expressing my point of view, and therefore find it easier to just say I'm fine.
  4. Anonymous00

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    Yea, people can be so insensitive sometimes. And to think there are only a few instances that we're able to open up yet when we do, we get condemned by the people we open up to..