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  1. The world can be such a beautiful place, espeically for us with central heating and free health care that we can retreat to if we need to. The sky here is very clear tonight, not usual for the city, I laid down on the path listening to calm music staring at the sky, stars and moon surrounded by beautifully smelling green. I have died so many times in the past you'd think I wouldn't panic every time I had another anxiety attack convincing me I wouldn't make it till morning but I felt a sense of dignity on that path, something I rarely feel, without needs or media convincing us we need to consume our way to enlightenment.

    It was just nice to hope that when my time does actually come I might face it with grace and dignity instead of flailing for one more hyperventalating breath and I wouldn't change the constant misery for a "better" life, devoid of the family I have, the fantastic friends I've encountered and the things I've been able to experience in this brief million in one chance of a life I've been lucky to have.
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    Yes the world can be a beautiful place when we allow ourselves the chance to escape from our usual perspectives and truly view it!!! :smile: I only wish more of us could find that opportunity. Glad you did.
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    Well said!
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    Excellent post, thanks for sharing
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    I agree, thank you for posting this. :smile:
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    I so hear you. Very well put.

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